iExec Dapp Challenge #1: Winner Gets 1 Ticket for Devcon3!

Devcon3 is coming and we’re super excited to showcase the first version of the iExec SDK at the conference. In 3 minutes, you can go through this fun tutorial, or just watch this video to see how it works. The iExec SDK repositoryis also available on Github.

iExec allows Ethereum developers to create applications that can be executed off-chain. The package brings all the tools to develop, deploy and execute dapps on Ethereum and iExec. Using these tools, you will be able to deploy any legacy applications in the iExec infrastructure, and execute them through calls to Ethereum smart contracts.

The tickets for Devcon 3 were sold out a few months ago. If you wanted to be there, but were not fast enough to book your ticket to the conference, this is your golden opportunity! Please first make make sure you’re in capacity to go to Cancun on November 1–4 (flights, visa, etc) as we only cover the price of the ticket entrance.

In order to participate, you would have to provide a detailed description of a decentralized application running on iExec.

The deadline is set to Sunday, October 22, 2017 12:00 PM UTC.

The readme file you would edit should include:

  • A description of your dapp
  • Why is it built on Ethereum
  • Why does is it use iExec
  • A presentation of the implementation

Please follow these steps:

  1. Fork the iexec-dapp-samples repository
  2. Edit the readme file
  3. When you’re done, pull request to the dapp-challenge branch
  4. Post the link of your PR in this Google form

Don’t be afraid to ask us anything, we’re on Slack, and this is our blog and white paper.